Mental illness and criminal

Community Mental Health Muskegon

To provide you with choices and the highest standards of care, Community Mental Health services are offered by a team of qualified and skilled professionals.

Case Manager/ Supports Coordinator
Professionals who help coordinate services, doctor appointments, medications, and other activities related to your Individual Plan of Service. This person helps you determine your goals and supports you in taking steps toward achieving them. He/she may also assist you to access community resources such as housing, food, clothing, benefits, employment, and transportation.

Peer Support Specialist
Individuals who have a personal experience with a developmental disabilitiesor a psychiatric disability who privde peer-deleivered supports and services to consumers and families in the public mental health system.The Peer's life experience provides expertise that professional training alone can not replicate.

Clinicians and Therapists
Professional staff with advanced degrees and experience in social work or psychology who provide assessment, treatment, referral, and crisis services. They can assist you in seeking help for depression, emotional disturbance, anxiety disorders, family problems, chronic mental illness, issues related to developmental disabilities, and substance abuse.

Nurse Practitioners
Registered nurses with advanced degrees who are qualified to prescribe and manage medications. They work closely with physicians and your person-centered planning team.

Psychiatric Physician’s Assistants (P.A.)
Staff trained to provide evaluations, treatment, monitor medications, and provide emergency services.

Physicians who specialize in mental illness and developmental disabilities. Psychiatrists work with the nursing staff and the physician’s assistants to provide assessment and prescribe medications. They also provide emergency services as needed.

Registered Nurses
Licensed staff trained to assess symptoms, monitor medications, and determine service needs. They work closely with the physicians and your person-centered planning team to provide both a healthy and safe environment.

Mental Health Workers and Aides who work with the professional staff to support you in your treatment.

Other Professional Disciplines
Community Mental Health provides a wide range of other staff including occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language therapists, and other professionals as needed for treatment.

You can be certain that all of the individuals who will be working with you are thoroughly qualified and competent to provide the best treatment possible. All staff members are required to comply with a professional code of ethics.

The Service and Provider Guide describes Medicaid services and alternative services that CMH provides and the individuals and organizations who are in our network of providers. To receive services from a provider outside of the Muskegon/Ottawa network, contact ACCESS

Muskegon County (231) 720-3200 or

Ottawa County (616) 393-5681

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