The Mental Health Association

Mental Health Association of Rockland

At PROS, we inspire people who have mental illness to define themselves in new ways and to lead enriching lives. Our goal is to improve your quality of life based on YOUR goals.

Together we do this through a wide array of classes, individual counseling, peer support, and medication, as needed.

You create your own class schedule based on your goals and availability. A small sample of classes includes:

  • Strengthening relationships
  • Decision-making
  • Building leadership skills
  • Recovery through poetry
  • Employment skills
  • Living skills
  • Community living
  • Family Education
  • and much more

Classes are held Monday through Saturday.

Free lunch is provided.

Transportation to and from our program is available for a nominal fee.

PROS is licensed by New York State Office of Mental Health. Our team includes clinical social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, group workers, peers, and activity workers.


Services are reimbursable through Medicaid, Medicare (partial), or Private Insurance (if applicable). A sliding scale fee is available for self-pay for those who qualify.

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Mental Health Series Project - Canadian Mental Health
Mental Health Series Project - Canadian Mental Health ...
Canadian Mental Health Association - Productivity - :30 spot
Canadian Mental Health Association - "Productivity" - :30 spot
Stella Kalfas, Executive Director of Mental Health
Stella Kalfas, Executive Director of Mental Health ...
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