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Livingston County Community Mental Health


  • A disorder that can cause long-term challenges in thinking, feeling and interacting with others.
  • Coping with day-to-day demands of life can be difficult.
  • Services provided at Livingston County Community Mental Health Authority emphasize recovery and hope.

“Peer support staff are immensely important and helped me stay out of the hospital."

“They helped me maintain positive physical as well as mental health within the community. The positive aspects are many that CMH provides me with including the ACT program.”

Certified Peer Support Specialists

When an individual receives services, the clinical team of a case manager, therapist and/or psychiatrist may determine that a certified peer support specialist would also benefit the individual. The peer support specialist is an individual with personal experience in having mental health challenges and is in recovery from those challenges. The peer support specialist understands what it feels like to cope with a mental illness and can provide hope for future recovery. This individual has extensive training in helping other people on their recovery journey. Additionally, peer support specialists lead some groups such as Wellness Action Recovery Planning (WRAP).

Community Healthlinks

The Community Healthlinks Team provides brief intervention to individuals in their primary care physician’s office or other healthcare settings in our community. This service is focused on support and referral for an individual’s physical, emotional health and substance use needs. The Community Health Links Team has therapists, nurses and peer support specialists. By working closely with primary health care, this program recognizes and addresses mental health needs early and understands the overlap between mental health and medical needs.

Case Management Services

A case manager assists an individual in identifying the individual's goals, strengths and needs. The case manager helps in linking with community resources for support on housing, benefits, food, shelter, legal issues and other basic needs. A case manager is also a good advocate for an individual. Therapists provide individual and group therapy based on an individual’s needs and desires for personal growth. Community Mental Health offers a variety of groups on mental health, substance use and medical health topics. Case management and/or therapy services are available in the main three adult programs: Assertive Community Treatment, Community Independence Program and Adult Recovery Service.

Assertive Community Treatment

This service provides outreach to people in the community. Case managers and a team of others provide services and supports to each individual. People receiving this service work with a psychiatrist, nurse, case managers and peer support specialist who are all integral to the team. This service is designed for individuals who have experienced multiple hospitalizations due to mental illness. It focuses on helping people stabilize on medications and live successfully and independently in the community. Like all programs, ACT also helps people in their recovery from substance use.

Adult Recovery Services

The Adult Recovery Services helps individuals to recovery from the challenges of co-occurring mental health and substance use. Therapists and peer support specialists work toward recovery to stabilize symptoms and growth through challenges to find hope. Therapists provide individual and group treatment options as well as case management supports. Groups are based on evidence-based treatment models and are matched to a person’s stage of treatment. This program offers certified integrated Dual Disorders Treatment and Dialectical Behavior Treatment as an option. Services are designed to meet individual’s unique needs and are offered in the community and in the office.

Community Independence Program

The Community Independence Program is a recovery-focused service that provides support to individuals so they can live successfully in the community. Case managers, therapists and peer support specialists work with individuals to develop goals toward their recovery. Case managers and therapists help individuals link with community resources for physical health, housing, employment, benefits and other needs. The staff and individuals work together to build strengths and learn skills to minimize the impact of symptoms related to mental illness and possibly substance use.


Genesis House is a psychosocial rehabilitation program for people in recovery from mental illness. Genesis House provides a caring community and a volunteer working opportunity. Members may assist in the work-ordered day at the clubhouse or participate in one of several types of employment opportunities in the community. This involvement can help members rejoin the worlds of friendships, employment, and education, and receive the supports that they may need to continue their recovery.

Drop-in Center

Heather Oaks is a consumer-run drop-in center in Brighton. The program supports people with mental illness to have a safe place to socialize with peers for support and education. Heather Oaks hosts self-help groups for any consumer such as smoking cessation and Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA). DRA is a 12-step recovery program for people with mental illness and substance use issues. Heather Oaks also provides a food pantry in conjunction with the local food bank.

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Source: www.cmhliv.org
Nadine Moore explains Community Mental Health Nursing
Nadine Moore explains Community Mental Health Nursing
WOTCH Community Mental Health Services
WOTCH Community Mental Health Services
OneWave Community - Raising Awareness for Mental Health
OneWave Community - Raising Awareness for Mental Health
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