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Being a successful student isn't just about academics - you need to look after yourself as well. Our service offers a range of helpful services and support options.

Campus health, medical and counselling services

The Health and Counselling Centre is designed to provide students with a comprehensive range of professional and confidential health services. These services are aimed to keep you active, healthy and able to achieve your goals at University.

In an emergency or life threatening situation please contact 111.

Each campus has a dedicated team of professionals, including highly skilled counsellors, nurses, doctors and a physiotherapist who are able to assist you. We have skilled practice nurses available full time for appointments and telephone advice.

Individual Counselling: We provide one-to-one counselling if this is appropriate. If you would like to book an individual session you need to complete an initial on-line confidential questionnaire (paper versions are also available from the Student Counselling Service) to provide us with a better understanding of your needs, expectations and of how counselling can be helpful to you.

Within three days of our receiving the completed questionnaire, we will contact you.

Applying for Aegrotats

Illness or distressing unforeseen circumstances of one sort or another can occur at the most inconvenient times. For students this would be particularly so around exam times. The university has procedures in place to allow examiners to take these factors into account when marking papers. If you find yourself in this awkward situation then you can access the impaired performance or aegrotat pathway by making an appointment with either the Counselling Service or the Health Service on your campus. The staff will explain to you exactly what is involved in this process. Read more information on Aegrotat and Impaired Performance application.


Topics include:

Alcohol & Drugs

Anxiety & Stress

Bereavement and Grief





Eating Disorders


Health & Wellness

Helping a Friend


Self Esteem

Self Injury and Suicide


Study and exams

Traumatic Incidents

Ways Of Wellness (WOW)

Information for staff

Being at University is a unique, challenging and stressful experience. Most students experience stress during the course of their university career, and while many cope successfully, others may need additional support. First year students in particular, may not have adequate academic or interpersonal skills and may not be sufficiently assertive to approach their lecturers when in difficulty.

Health, Counselling and Wellbeing at AUT
Health, Counselling and Wellbeing at AUT
Mental health counseling - Christian counselor guidelines
Mental health counseling - Christian counselor guidelines
Health Counselling cut 1
Health Counselling cut 1
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